Social Media and Beauty

Social media has made it possible for consumers to voice their opinions on products and brands more readily. One industry in which this is particularly evident is beauty products. Take YouTube, for instance; the social media video site is full of influencers recording videos of themselves trying beauty products and reviewing them. You can see a few examples below.

“A survey commissioned by Variety last year found that among U.S. teens, YouTubers were the most influential figures, eclipsing A-listers like J Lawr and Katy Perry. Within the realm of beauty, these YouTubers inform devotees on what makeup to buy and how to wear it — bridging the gap between the professional and amateur cosmetics worlds.” Many believe it is YouTube’s accessibility and educational qualities that makes it such a natural platform. “‘In the past, the only way you could learn about makeup without going to school for it was through books, and even then those only had illustrations that were just rubbish,’ Wayne Gross, makeup artist, says. He believes that YouTube has had a key role in demystifying makeup techniques previously only used by professionals. All of this education has inevitably increased the demand for products like the contouring kit or 25-pan eyeshadow palette, which 10 years ago most consumers weren’t knowledgeable about or interested in.”

Many are finding success in Instagram, as well. According to a study by Tribe Dynamics, “the EMV for Instagram increased 904 percent in 2015 versus 2014, while blogs netted only a 26 percent increase. As well, a new community of influencers has emerged, based primarily in the U.S. and U.K., but with a global reach.”


Social Media and Beauty

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